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Makhana Powder - Pack of 4

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The seeds when raw are made into Powder, which you can make powder and is used extensively in Chinese pastries as well as in Japanese desserts. They can then be added directly to soups, and salads or used in other dishes. The powder gluten-free protein supplement and a potential nutraceutical and pharmaceutical source. 


Some of the benefits of adding this to your daily diet:

  • Aids in weight management and loss: Being high in fiber, and low in carbohydrates, makhana Powder is helpful in weight management 
  • Helpful in slowing down the process of Ageing: Makhana contains an antioxidant known as kaempferol that assists in the body’s fight against inflammation and other harmful free radicals in the body. 
  • Protection and management of Heart Disease: Makhana Powder is rich in much-needed minerals including magnesium and potassium. These minerals help to lower and maintain blood pressure, thereby protecting the heart from different diseases.
  • Managing and Controlling Blood Sugar: Makhana releases energy slowly into the body after consumption and does not lead to an immediate spike in blood sugar, therefore it is also good for people suffering from diabetes.
  • Building Muscle Mass:  Makhana or fox nut is also a very good plant-based source of protein, which is great for building muscle mass and promoting cell growth.
  • Improvement in Digestive Health: Fox nut or Phool makhana has a high fiber content, so it aids good bowel movement and improves digestion.

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